3 HVAC Sounds That Need Immediate Attention

All HVAC systems make noise, but whenever you hear these three, in particular, it’s time to do some investigating. Some sounds indicate that something in the system is failing. The sooner you identify the source, the sooner your HVAC contractor can fix it, restoring your home’s comfort.

1. Motor Noises

Screeching or grinding sounds commonly come from dry bearings inside the motor. HVAC systems have two motors. One sits in the air handler or blower compartment and the other is inside the outdoor condenser. Both units use motors that blow air through the system.

In the winter, the outdoor condenser motor won’t run since the air conditioning system isn’t operating. If you have a heat pump, however, it will. The motor in the air handler turns on whenever your home needs heating or cooling. When they’re operating normally, they make steady humming noises.

If the motor needs oil and you haven’t added any, or if you had the system maintained by a professional for several years, then contact Service Plus Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.. We service Fox River Valley and the surrounding areas, and our technicians will be able to trace the problem and repair it.

2. Clicking Noises

When you hear clicking noises coming from the air handler, chances are your system is trying to run. However, a switch or electrical component has failed and the unit can’t turn on. HVAC systems use these components to control the flow of electricity to its various parts or as safety switches for furnaces.

3. Screaming Noises

The compressor in the outdoor condenser can make screeching or screaming noises as it starts to fail. It’s not a sound that’s hard to miss. The compressor is the loudest part of the entire system, and it’s also the most expensive one. Compressors fail prematurely from lack of professional service and running with improper refrigerant levels.

Bottom Line

Unusual noises generally indicate a problem with your HVAC system. As soon as you notice them, contact an expert from Service Plus Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.. We serve Aurora and the surrounding areas, and we’ll restore your system and home’s comfort back to normal quickly.

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