Be on the Alert for Furnace Warning Signs

Sometimes, a furnace breaks down without any warning. Were there really no warnings, though? Often, a homeowner is unaware of common warning signs that a furnace is about to falter. Knowing how to recognize those warning signs may help you know when to place a call to an HVAC service.

Clicking and Flicking Sounds

A heating system should operate efficiently. When the temperature falls below your desired comfort level, adjust the temperature setting. The furnace should kick on without any problems. When you hear clicking sounds before the furnace fires up, this is not a good sign. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that since the furnace eventually turns on that the clicking and delays mean nothing. They are warning signs.

For one, there could be an electrical problem hampering the furnace’s operations. A fuse may be bad, or a wire could be damaged. In some instances, the furnace just needs a good cleaning. No matter the reason, the unit might soon die on you. Get it checked out.

The Furnace Doesn’t Perform Efficiently

Let’s say that you run the furnace day and night, but the temperature isn’t as comfortable as you would like. Furthermore, your heating bills seem awfully high for a 62-degree interior. A problem may be at the root of your furnace’s inefficiency. An old unit might work really hard because it is reaching its final days. Alternatively, a part could be wearing out and dragging the entire system down. Whatever the problem is, an experienced repair pro has to check things out. Mere inefficiency one day could turn into a catastrophic failure the next. To repeat, a furnace could fail at the worst possible time, so don’t ignore inefficient operation.

Yellow Flames Instead of Blue

Check the flames coming from the furnace. They should be bright blue. If the fires are yellow-colored, consider this a dangerous sign. Yellow flames result from the presence of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is highly hazardous to humans. Unfortunately, the initial symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure may not create alarms. Some may assume their irritated eyes and noses or respiratory issues are the results of the flu. When carbon monoxide is present, the situation is far worse.

Don’t let furnace issues create serious troubles. Call Service Plus Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in Aurora, IL, when your system isn’t working as it should.

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