Changing Air Filters: Simple But Crucial to Your AC

Maintaining a central air conditioning unit comes with various requirements, and one of them is filter replacement. Air filters can be done on one’s own or by a professional technician as part of a planned service agreement. However homeowners choose to go about it, this simple job is actually crucial to AC performance.

You Save on Your Energy Bills

First of all, clean filters let the air circulate without a problem, allowing the system to do its job in a short time. When dirt begins to clog the filters, it restricts airflow and forces the blower unit to work harder to circulate the air. This added strain will compromise efficiency, raise one’s electricity bills to a noticeable degree and wear out certain components sooner.

No AC Breakdowns in the Future

Dirty filters can be linked to overheating compressors, for one thing. When filters can no longer trap dirt, the dirt goes into the vents, collects there and even gets on the condenser coils. Condenser coils have refrigerant in them, and when this cannot absorb the extra heat made by the dirt, it will cause the AC to blow out lukewarm air.

For any of these components to break down is a serious matter. Homeowners will be stuck paying for extensive repairs and will experience some inconvenient downtime.

You Improve Indoor Air Quality

Those with clean indoor air owe a lot to the filter, which traps not only dirt but also germs, dander, pet hair and pollen from outside. A filter that has exceeded its capacity to trap pollutants, though, will only send the particles floating into the air.

Hiring a Professional May Be a Good Idea

You may want to leave air filter replacement to the experts at Service Plus Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.. We’re a family-owned and operated business in Aurora, IL, that treats every customer with warm, friendly care. We know how frequently filters should be replaced based on whether a home has any pets, people who smoke or people with allergies. Call us today with any questions. We offer both heating and cooling services.

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