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Heat Up Illinois

Lennox Heat Up IllinoisOn October 7th 2017 Service Plus Mechanical teamed up with Lennox Industries to help a family in need. The program is called Heat Up Illinois, and it is designed to help a family have access to a warm winter that may be otherwise impossible due to hardships that prevent them from replacing a worn out furnace. A family in Plainfield IL was nominated; a single mother of 3 children afflicted with medical conditions and who had an extremely outdated furnace which struggled to keep their house warm, was chosen as the recipient. Service Plus Mechanical’s entire team and representatives from Lennox Industries came out to her home with a brand new high efficiency furnace.Service Plus Mechanical spent the day removing her old furnace and installing the donation. Service Plus Mechanical participates in this event every year, so if you or someone you know in your community is in great need of a furnace, please contact Service Plus Mechanical to find out more information, or to find out how to nominate that family.

Service Plus Lil Stars

Little Stars

Little Stars is a program the owner (Cesar) created where people can donate old/used sports items, then they hold a community event to give the items away to the kids and encourage them to stay active.

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Feed My Starving Children

Feed My Starving ChildrenFeed My Starving Children is a 100% nonprofit organization that sends packs of food to starving children around the world, from Nicaragua, to Haiti, to Africa and Asia. Founded in the Midwest in 1987, it has provided over a billion meals to date. As a company, Service Plus Mechanical views itself as a part of both the local and international community, not separate from or immune to local and international issues. Service Plus Mechanical makes it a point to give back to the community wherever possible, and participates in company volunteer nights, to volunteer at this wonderful organization. The following are photos from our last volunteer night. We got everyone from the company to come out and bring their spouses and families to pack food for children abroad. Feed My Starving Children finds children who are literally starving, and gives them food for an entire year. Volunteers are able to see photos of children who have been helped by the program, by their own involvement, and the difference in the children’s appearance is obvious, after a year of nourishment. If you or a loved one would like to get involved, please visit the link below to their website. Or, follow us on Facebook for our next company outing to Feed My Starving Children, and if you come out with us, we will provide you with a coupon to show our thanks for supporting this great organization with us.

Peppers and Prayers

Hurricane Maria increased to a category F5 and officially hit Puerto Rico on September 20th; Mexico City suffered a 7.1M earthquake on September 19th. In light of these disasters and the previous disasters in Houston, in Florida, and in other areas of the Caribbean, they prompted us to take action and design a campaign titled “Peppers and Prayers.” It was inspired by the notorious “Ice Bucket Challenge” in that it began through social media as a challenge to eat a hot pepper and share the video for natural disaster awareness in the Caribbean, and to donate to an organization. We also advertised with flyers around our community and began accepting food, clothing and water donations. As a company on the night of September 21st we held an event where everyone from our company and our community was invited to bring donations in the aim of filling up a semi-truck with goods, donating money, and eating a jalapeno on camera as a group. We collected over $1,700 in one night and filled up a semi-truck that was driven directly to disaster sites. That was on a Thursday. On Friday people kept coming with donations. We teamed up with a local church and participated in helping fill and send an additional 5 semi-trucks with food, clothing, water, baby formula, first aid supplies, flashlights and batteries, and any other useful items.

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