February 21, 2019

The History of Home Heating

Throughout our time on this planet, human beings have never ceased to overcome obstacles in order to inhabit every part of the world despite the local climate. Thousands of years ago, people bundled up in furs and animal skins to navigate through the ice-cold regions near the Arctic. They’d take shelter where they could, often in caves, and huddle around a fire at night. Learning to make fire was one of the great breakthroughs of human history, but it was thousands of years before our ancestors improved on the technology. In recent centuries, people finally began to develop what we now call a furnace. Humble Beginnings In the time of the Roman Empire, people would burn fuel under a brick and mortar building. The heat would rise to warm the structure. As time went on, the chimney was invented, making a safer alternative. The fire could then be isolated to one area of the building. This minimized the possibility of the flames spreading. The fireplace eventually gave way to the much more efficient Franklin stove, and the population switched from wood to coal late in the 19th century. The furnace was finally devised to more efficiently use this fuel and...

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